Jul 21


By now your garden is likely to be overrun with zucchini and you may be asking “What do I do with it all!?”  After you have gotten your fill of it in salads, stir fry and just sliced with a little salt, you start giving it away to all your friends and neighbors.  When you …

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Jul 18

Milk at last

I’m quite excited about tomorrow!  Why?   Well tomorrow is the day I get to milk my cow and actually keep the milk! to use!  My family will be happy to have something besides goat milk to drink too.  Not that goat milk is bad, It’s my milk of choice in specialty coffee drinks, but its …

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Jul 15


I love animals.  Animals of all shapes and sizes!  Here on our homestead we enjoy all sorts of animals from the big horses.. To our sweet little cockatiel… and everything in between… They’re so fun to watch.  Each animal gas it’s own personality and each species has it’s little idiosyncrasies.  The chickens are flighty and …

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Jul 04

FRUSTRATING FARM FRENZY! Capturing the Illusive Milk Cow.

It was mass chaos in barn today!  Well it all started late yesterday, when my husband decided he’d go out into the pasture and spray some weeds.  He loaded up the sprayer on his 4-wheeler, opened up the gate  to the main pasture and went about his work.  You notice he opened the gate to …

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Jun 30


The baby chicks are now 3 weeks old and looking more like chickens every day. If you missed the their arrival you can read about it here and previous updates you can view them here and here.   Their red feathers are more prominent now and their cute little combs are growing in.  The heat lamp has …

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